Simon is currently building things at Inves Capital and Phantom Design, hosts a weekly technology radio show on 5FM and speaks at events about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, design, business trends, and innovation. He was part of the teams that built 22seven, Curve (NOT the South African company of dubious intent, the awesome UK one that launched the world's first smart payment card), Luno and is author of the book In Math We Trust. He doesn't like talking about himself in the third person. So that's enough of that.


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Money is the most important human invention after language.

It provides tokens for the faith we have in each other and society – but that trust has been violated repeatedly throughout history by the middlemen and authorities we rely upon in order to transact with each other. Now a new kind of money promises to rescue us from these tyrants and return us to the roots of money, without relying on third-parties.

Instead of putting our faith in banks and governments, we can trust math.

In Math We Trust looks at the evolution of trust, explaining the origins of Bitcoin, how cryptocurrency works, and how you can use these networks to take control of your own financial universe.

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Talking about stuff in public is almost my favourite thing and I try not to use slides when doing so, but instead show running apps and gadgets while engaging in lively debates with the audience.

Q&A Sessions
These are currently the most popular sessions where I keep my actual presentation to a few minutes and then field a discussion with the audience, allowing the conversation to take on a life of its own and filling gaps with short demonstrations, like how to set up a Bitcoin wallet in seconds or quickly develop your own automated workflows on your phone, and presentations, such as a 5-minute overview of the top trends currently shaping the role of banks. No futurism, promise.

In Math We Trust
A keynote presentation on the topic of my book In Math We Trust that looks at the origins and dynamics of cryptocurrency, debunks myths surrounding Bitcoin and blockchains, and outlines what the new era of money means for you and your business. In it you'll learn where money comes from, how trust has evolved and why we don't need banks anymore. Yes, I am crazy. After an hour of this shit you will be too.

You aren't seeing what you're seeing
My oldest talk that keeps being updated and revised. Yes, this is about behavioural economics, but hopefully unlike the other talks you've seen on the topic. It's basically an excuse for me to show you a lot of optical illusions and talk about how crazy brains are. Knowing this stuff will give your business super-powers. Who knew? A whole bunch of evil companies, actually. Don't be one.


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